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I just recently picked up a new trick from my Ad-words book.  I highly recommend Perry Marshall’s book.  It really is worth the money.  Here’s my problem.  I was following the formula, use 2 ads per ad group.  Great.  The problem I was having is that some ads were getting a disproportionate amount of impressions.  In cases, 95%/5%.  This makes it very challenging to determine which ad is truly performing better.  Especially because often I’m getting a great click through rate on the 5%, but far fewer clicks.

What I figured out was that there are advanced settings I wasn’t even aware of.  And unless you click the right buttons, you never see them. See, here’s what I found.  Go to your campaign settings.  Under the general settings, click edit.  Be sure that All Features is selected.  This opens up the advanced configuration I didn’t realize existed.  Once you accept this, you can scroll down to  :Ad delivery: Ad rotation, frequency capping –> Ad rotation.  Change it to:  Rotate evenly: Show ads more evenly for at least 90 days, then optimize.

This will force Google to show both ads on a “close” to even rotation.  There it is.  Another ad-words tip I just learned.

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