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On my vacation, I had a chance to do a lot self reflection.  One of thing I recently learned is that despite my best efforts, I still have a dominating feel of rejection.  Looking at it in an objective light, it’s completely irrational, however logic doesn’t always rule our thoughts, now does it?

I’ve spent nearly 6 years building infrastructure, building my first product, refining my first product…  and NOT selling my first product.  Is there anything wrong with my product, did I not build a good enough item?  or have I subconsciously spent all my time building, rather than marketing?  Now don’t get me wrong, I’m no marketing genius, but I’m realizing that I didn’t invest in marketing my grand idea because I was afraid it wasn’t good enough.  I was afraid people wouldn’t like it, would tell me it looks like crap…  you get the idea =)

What I came to realize is that fear stood in my way for long enough.  Don’t get me wrong.  Development is far easier to me, and more interesting, but development doesn’t pay the bills.  Sales and Marketing is the only way to make my business work.  So now my number one goal needs to be sales and marketing.  The bad news is that means development needs to take a backseat for a while.  So don’t be surprised to see more posts on Adwords, email campaigns, or any other marketing system I can figure out =)

Today’s lesson to walk away with, is believe in yourself.  Believe in your ideas.  Feedback is the best way to improve an idea.  Even “negative” feedback can make your ideas stronger.  Don’t be afraid of it…  seek it out…  It’s what I’m attempting right now =)

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