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I’m not gonna lie, I’m feeling pretty good.  Over the weekend, I finally wrapped up all the content I plan to use in my E-book.  That being said, I now have to move my effort over to the next phase, getting it published.  While I have no aspirations to go with a formal publisher, I do plan on getting it into the Amazon store and iBooks platforms.  While I know that I’ll lose a big chunk of any revenue by publishing there, this book is more about exposure and being able to say “I wrote the book on SAP Service Management”, and be able to prove it 🙂

Now the first thing I found that I need to focus on is getting a cover made for my book.  I did some homework and found that you have to have a colorful cover (ie no gray scale).  So I’m off on the next step of putting together my cover for the book.  As it turns out, there are some rules about this including size, color and content.  Nothing that should impact me too much, but still, another hurdle.  So off to figure out my cover.

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