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Well, I was starting to work on designing a cover, when it hit me, it’s hard to have a cover until you know your title.  I’ve had an original working title for a while, but it’s pretty boring.  However, since this is a How-To book, maybe boring is ok…  but i doubt it.  So today, I’m asking for your help.  I’d love to hear your ideas on a good title for this book.  Keep in mind, my plan is publish on my website, as well as in amazon, iBooks, etc…  so it needs to be something that people will find.

My book is a how to guide on configuring SAP Service Management.  I walk through many of the pieces of configuration, explain what you need to do to get Service Management up and running quickly.  IN addition, I cover all the advanced pieces, so when you have things configured, you can start tweaking.  I even cover the questions you should ask during blueprinting, and some advanced topics.  So, here are some of the “working titles” I’ve come up.  Let me know if you think one of these is a winner, or you might have a great spin on something already in there.  Here’s my thoughts in no particular order.

  1. How to Configure SAP Service Management the quick and easy way.
  2. Configuring SAP Service Management, A How-To Guide
  3. SAP Service Management: Your guide to a quick implementation
  4. Setting up SAP Service Management
  5. The Consultant’s Guide to SAP Service Management
  6. SAP Service Management from A to Z
  7. Everything you ever wanted to know about SAP Service Management, but didn’t know who to ask.
  8. Getting Started in SAP Service Management

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