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I’m not gonna lie.  I’m disappointed that things haven’t gone better this year for the software side of the business.  The bright side is that consulting has been good for me this year, and has been able to keep funding my dream of the software business.  This doesn’t change the fact that sales aren’t where I wanted or even expected them to be yet.  Which unfortunately always comes back to the big question…  “Am I doing the right thing?”

So for me, this question is especially tough to answer.  I’ve been working on this dream for going on 8 years nows (In one form or another).  Looking back at all the time, energy, late nights, and of course cash that I’ve sunk into this dream, it’s incredibly hard to consider giving it up.  On top of everything else, for those of you that know me, you know that I have a VERY hard time giving up.  My personality tends to be the brute force, keep working, try harder, learn a new skill, and everything will work.  However, I just found out that my business partner has to step away, and I can’t blame him.  However, that does mean that it’s back to just me to fund the business, and drive the sales, contact the prospects, schedule the conferences and determine what I can afford to keep doing.

So right now, I’m initially going into cost saving mode.  I’m looking for ways to trim my expenses, and do a real analysis of what I need to be doing.  But anytime something like this happens, it’s not question yourself.  After all, I’d been trying this for a long time, maybe it’s just not meant to be.  I guess self doubt is a natural part of the game…  now, how to decipher if it’s just a little bit of self pity, or if it is reality hitting me on the head with a 2×4 🙂  I guess only time will tell.

But have no fear.  I intend to keeping putting out my ramblings and tidbits here on my blog, and I think I’m on track for a mid-November release date of my E-book.

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