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After spending a week in Vegas at the SAP MFG conference, there were some very valuable takeaways for us.  The first thing for us was our booth.  We got all the basic pieces, but we found that we were missing some key things.

2013-03-04 14.36.34

The first thing you can probably notice from the picture is that we don’t have a good backdrop.  We have the plain black curtain, and unless someone is looking down, it’s not obvious who we are.  So that is the first piece.  Next step is to enhance our banners.  We need to add the SAP Partner logo, our own Logo, and the SAP Certified label.  We add that, and I think we will be well positioned for our next show.

The next thing, and I mentioned this in an early post is “swag”…  despite the fact that we got some solid leads at the conference, Mike and I both came to the conclusion that we still want to get the “list”.  If you give away things, people come to your booth.  Perhaps they even stay and talk to learn something about what we do.  It just seems worth the expense because getting a booth at a conference isn’t cheap, so it’s worth it to build the list.

One big take away was booth location.  Mike did an awesome job finding a great spot for us.  We learned that staying in the middle, near SAP is a great spot.  We also ended up right next to the food tables during the receptions.  That ended up being huge for us since we had several people stop by during the reception.

There were several other things we’ll consider in the future…  perhaps a monitor to show a running demo.  If you have any ideas or feedback of what we could enhance, I’d love to hear them.  This is a big learning experience for us, so we’d love to improve on our performance the next time around.  Thanks for reading.



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