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You know that old cliche about the person that never worked a day in their life, because they loved what they did so much, they never thought of it as work???  Well, that’s what everyone aspires to.  What I want to talk about today is using where you are and what you’re doing to find that passion, and more importantly fund it =)  Finding your passion needs to be goal number one.

A few years back, a good friend of mine, Jason Gylland, opened by eyes to some of the things going on right in front me, that many people never notice.  The biggest thing he explained to me is how our money can be printed out of thin air.  Initially, this scared me the *#$% out of me.  This simple little fact and the way our government just prints money whenever it feels like it, how put our nation on track for a crash that could be far worse than the great depression.  Why am I telling you all this on a business and technical website?  it’s because this fact helped me realize that what I love and what I”m good at is 2 things.  One, I like to prepare for things.  My wife always harassed me about the “family that lived in my trunk”.  By that she meant, I kept so many things like extra clothes, tools, granola bars, etc. that it seemed like someone must live in there. 🙂  it’s funny how I never really thought about, but I had always been prepping for the “just in case” things in life.  So you might ask, why spend all this time on building a business if I think the whole system is going to crash?  Simple.  No one knows when the crash will happen, just that eventually, it mathematically has to happen.  Second, prepping requires cash.  There things I want to build, food to build up, etc…

Now the second skill that i have is “digging”.  Especially when it comes to problems.  I am exceptionally good at going through a problem, or a computer system and finding the information or causes of a problem.  That’s what has lead to my success in SAP.  I”ve found that both of these skills have lead me to my passion…  quite unexpectedly I might add :).

What’s my point to all of this?  Find what you love.  You might not be lucky enough to do it for your career, but you can keep that passion alive by funding it.  No better way to do that than running your own business.  Hope this can inspire you the way my revelation of my passion re-inspired me =)


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