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This is a question I personally struggle with, because like so many of my friends remind me, I don’t think like everyone else.  For me, I don’t like to be pestered, but at the same time, if someone pings me once a month or so, it helps keep things fresh in my brain.  But I’m curious, is that enough communication when I want prospects to remember me?

Currently, for any of my potential prospects, I try to ping them with a short email every month or two.  And then I try to send out a mailchimp email every few weeks as well, something that might talk about a feature of my product, or a common problem in service or production.

I’m curious, what’s too much vs. not enough in your world?

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One thought on “How much communication is too much?

  1. IMO – Every case is different, and you need to personalize your communications strategy.

    If I tell a software vendor I like the package, but my new budget cycle planning doesn’t start until September, but they keep calling me every month between now and then, I eventually just program their number to go to voicemail and add their e-mails to a spam list. Or I unsubscribe from their mailing list outright (per your recommendation post a while back…BTW…that’s worked AWESOME!)

    I would say quarterly communications are fine – unless you’ve been given a specific date to contact them. Means you need to put in a CRM system with lead & opportunity management to track feedback 🙂

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