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Well, yet again, I’m off in Basis land.  While I haven’t been able to get this completely working, but setting up SAPConnect is certainly required if you want SAP to send you any emails.  Part of my issue may with my own mail provider, but I’m still playing, so expect another post when I finally figure it out =).

In the meantime, here’s what you need to do:

Setup SAPConnect

1. In transaction SAPconnect: Administration (SCOT) choose View -> System status.
2. Choose Settings -> Default Domain.
3. Specify your default domain and confirm. For example, “”.
4. In the Administration screen, double-click the SMTP node.
5. Check the box “node in use”.
6. Specify the mail host for SMTP. For example, “”.
7. Specify a mail port. The default port is 25.
8. Choose “Set” (for “Internet”).
9. Enter an asterisk (*) for “address area”.
10. Choose Continue.

These steps are the hardcore necessary steps.  The following steps are nice add-ons and don’t hurt to do anyway.

Schedule the periodic background job to send queued e-mails

11. Call transaction SCOT.
12. Choose View – Jobs.

The SAPconnect Job Administration screen is displayed.

13. Choose Job – Create.

A dialog box is displayed.

14. Specify a job name.
15. Confirm.
16. In the next window, select the variant SAP&CONNECTALL.
17. Choose Schedule job.
18. Choose Schedule Periodically.

A dialog box is displayed.

19. Specify a time period.

For example, 10 minutes.

20. Choose Create.

Nothing too difficult, but certainly valuable =)
Thanks for reading

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