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Well, if you know me, you know I’m no basis guru.  I’ve learned just enough to keep my systems up and running, and have built enough redundancy in my backups that I can also restart the clock if something becomes non-salvageable 🙂  But, with the addition of my server, I’ve found that the increased memory in the box makes it more reliable and easier to connect to.  I can explain why, I just know that it’s running on the same internet that my other systems run on.

As an example, often when trying to connect to my old system it might 3 or more attempts before it finally connects.  With the new server, it usually connects on the first try (sometimes it takes 2).  This is a nice feature.  In my world, it’s not a show stopper, but sure is nice not to have to keep clicking the logon pad waiting till it finally connects to SAP.

Anyway, thought I’d share this…  and if you happen to be a basis guru, maybe you could explain what the hell is happening =)  Thanks for reading,

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