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Well, in one of my latest development activities I needed to send an email from my web application.  Now this isn’t as hard as I thought.  I’ll talk about that in another post.  What I have been having a hell of time doing is getting the email to send from my system.  Like everything Basis related, it’s always a challenge for me 🙂  Today is no different.  I’ve got emails that were getting into the SAPConnect queue, but were stuck in waiting status in SCOT.

Well, thanks for other pioneers that have gone before me, I was able to learn that there is a simple fix for this.  It all has to do withe time zone of the system.  Another little piece of data that I never thought about.  The time zone of your SAP system defaults to CET, while this doesn’t seem like a big deal, if your user has a different time zone set, then SCOT could take hours before the system clock reaches your time zone.

You have two options.  One, you can change your user timezone to match the system timezone.  Depending on what you have control over, this is certainly the easiest option.  Option 2 is to change the time zone of the system.  Since I control the system, I went for option 2.  If you’re curious, go to SPRO –> SAP Netweaver –> General Settings –>Time Zones –> Maintain System Settings.

So, if you find that your email messages are stuck in SCOT, check your time zone.  It could be a simple fix to an annoying problem.

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