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Hello again.  In my ever changing world, today I happen to be back to Web Dynpro and my Service Management Web application.  My life is truly fun and varied.  ha ha ha.  Anyway, my latest quest is to use a table tree.  Short story, a table tree looks like an ALV grid, but it has the branch/leaf concept like a tree.  I needed this particular structure because I want to sure additional columns when a node is a expanded, rather than just the node.  So I started doing some digging.  I was able to find a demo program in SAP to get me started.  I had 2 different web applications inside of the same program.  My immediate question was what is the different of between TREE_BY_KEY and TREE_BY_NST.

Strangely, this isn’t an obvious answer.  I started by looking at the code and there isn’t a lot of obvious differences.  So I went back to my trusty friend, Google.  While I may fear the amount of information they collect on me and pass to the government, they are still the best source of information when I’m looking for SAP stuff (I’ve tried Bing and Yahoo, but the results aren’t as good).  Anyway, I found a great blog that gave the answer I was looking for.  But like so many of my quests, it only got me half way there.  I learned that TREE_BY_KEY is for a known structure.  If you know the levels and everything before runtime, you should use TREE_BY_KEY.  Of course, in my world, I needed to use TREE_BY_NST because it is for dynamically building the folders and nodes when you don’t know the structure until during runtime.  So this blog is great because if walks you through the TREE_BY_KEY.  My next hunt is to learn about TREE_BY_NST.  I’m hoping that it will be similar, and I’ll be looking at the DEMO_TABLE_WITH_TREE application in SAP to give me a start.  Expect more information as I learn yet another new piece of ABAP Web Dynpro.

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