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Wow…  I have to tell you, I pretty much feel like the dumbest guy on earth right now.  I’ve been fumbling for a few hours trying to do something as simple as automatically generate an inbound delivery for a repair order.  To set the stage, I’m trying to generate data in my test system is an automated fashion.  In short, I realize I need a lot more data to help me test the performance on my dashboards.  Well, if you want to at least make it look good, you should be generating some data every day, pretend like it’s a real company.  So I’ve got notification being generated every day, repair sales orders, and I thought the inbound delivery would be a nice easy piece…  Well, shame on me…

After spending way too much time on this, I wanted to give you benefit of my bonehead day.

1.  Be careful if you try to do BDC with an Enjoy transaction.  Sometimes it works, sometimes weird things happen, especially in the background.  I found this with VL01N.

2.  Most popup message DO NOT need to be addressed in the BDC.  This was the point that killed me.  I set it up to work perfectly on-line.  My example was to create an inbound delivery with serial number.  Well, if you have a status of ECUS on the serial number/equipment, you get that annoying popup to tell you that.  I confess, I haven’t played with BDC in a while, so I totally forgot that even though it happens on-line and in error mode, it doesn’t happen when you move to N mode.  “Doom on Me”, as one of my  favorite authors always said.  I eventually came to the revelation to find everything worked great.  DOH!

3.  Use transaction SHDB to get your recording information.  But remember #2 above.

Anyway, just wanted to float that tidbit out there in case you might be thinking of trying anything similar.

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