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Well, it occurred to me.  I have a new intern, and he knows nothing about SAP or ABAP.  So I’m having to go back to the beginning to try to get him in the swing of things.  So, I thought I’d start throwing some of the things I’m teaching him out here.  Who knows?  maybe it’s useful to some of you out there too 🙂  Today I’m going back to the very basics.  Finding field and type from a screen.

For this example, I’m using transaction IW41


Highlight the field you want information on.


Press the technical details button.


This magical screen gives you quite a bit of information.  Typically, Field Name and Data Type are the most valuable.  Occasionally, you can even get the Table name.  In a future post, I’ll talk about digging further when this screen only gives you a structure (which happens quite often).

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