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Continuing on my training of an intern, one of the things I need is a series of BDC programs to automatically generate data within my test systems.  While, there are a lot of ways to make transactional data, I need something that I can “fire and forget”.  So that means I need programs with either a BAPI or BDC.  In my opinion, for this, I want simple and I want quick, so I’ve gone down the BDC path.  So…  I’m using it as a training opportunity for my intern.  Today, I’m going to focus on simply copying an existing program.  I know it sounds simple, but hey, not everyone is an ABAP expert.  That’s what I”m going to be sharing with y’all today 🙂


Now, since I’ve already developed a few of these (I’m working my way through the in-house repair process), the easiest way is to copy from an existing one.


This program will be to generate service order confirmations.


Now, the next question is if you want to copy all the attached pieces of the program.  In general, I say yes, but obviously, this depends on your goal.


Now, the transport portion.  This may depend on your system and your plans.  For me, I want to make sure I can transport this forward, but perhaps you’re just playing.  In that event, skip the package, and just select Local Object


But, if you choose a transportable object, you’ll need to create a transport.


Give it a description, press Save.


Now your transport is listed, press the green check to accept it.


Finally, we just need to make some minor updates, like the program title.  Select Attributes and Press Change.


Change the title and press Save.


Normally, I’ll change the boilerplate as well.


Once I add the information to boiler plate, you can activate it, and even execute it if you choose (granted, it’ll execute the program you copied, but at least you can be sure syntax is good to go).

There you go…  how to properly copy an ABAP program.

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