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Well, I believe I mentioned it in a previous post, but I’m still struggling with the differences between BSP and Web Dynpro.  AWDP is a fun tool, and I like it the more I get into it, the learning curve is still killing me 🙂  Today the Code Wizard is one of my recent discoveries.

For example, I figured out the whole context model, why you do it, etc.  But I had a hell of a time figuring out how to get the value into or out of the context variables I created.  I finally discovered the Web Dynpro Code Wizard…  which, with a few clicks, generated all of the code I needed to read or set the context node.  So simple, yet I hunted on-line for an hour, and eventually found it in the ABAP Web Dynpro book I purchased.

It turns out, you click the wizard button, select the node you want to work with, then tell it if you want to read it, set it, append it, etc…  hit the green check mark.  And magically, all the code I needed was inserted into my method.  Who knew it could be that easy.  LOL.

Anyway, if you’re playing with AWDP, take advantage of the code wizard.  it won’t create your whole application, but it’s great at the little stuff =)

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