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Here’s a fun fact that I totally forgot about.  Tables can’t use multiple value characteristics.  If you attempt to assign a multiple value characteristics to a variant table, the table will work just fine, until you attempt to assign it to a selection condition, or inside of a an IF statement.  It’s been so long since I ever even thought about doing this that I struggled for over an hour trying to get a simple selection condition to compile.  (see my earlier post on if I’m too old school or not for more details).  So, for that reason, I thought I’d throw these little tidbits out there.

1.  If you need to use a multiple value characteristic inside of a table, be sure to create a single value copy of it to be used as the table key.  This will allow you to set values from a variant table.
2.  You can’t use multiple value characteristics as an assignment into a variant table for a “true or False” type scenario.  When I talk about True or False, I mean you can’t enter a table into an IF statement to see if the combo exists, and you can’t use that table in a selection condition or precondition, which also behave in a true or false fashion.

Now, I’ll only be on my soapbox for a second, but to me, this is just one more clue to keep it simple in the BOMs and routings for your selection conditions.  Let the configuration do all the heavy lifting.  That’s it… I’m done =)

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