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Last time I talked about Classification in the SSC, so today I’m going to continue on the same theme and take a look at SSC syntax of material related pieces into the SSC (Solution Sales Configurator) modeling environment, also known as Eclipse 🙂  If you haven’t checked out the previous posts, they will help you catch up:

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Defining a material is pretty straightforward.  You don’t need to worry about plants or screen views, just a name, description and a class.

material AM_MAT_SHELF {
name “Shelf Material”

The other piece, that you may actually determine is optional, is the bill of material.  I’ve been learning that having a BOM isn’t a requirement when you move into the advanced mode IPC or SSC.  Being a classical guy, that takes a little getting used to.  This example actually does have a simple BOM, so it’s still good to know the syntax:

10 material AM_MAT_BOOKCASE min 1 max 999,
20 material AM_MAT_BOOK min 0 max 9999

Again, pretty simple.  You don’t need to worry about plants, or BOM types.  Just the material and what the BOM consists of.  You also need to define the min and max qty, rather than a set qty.  This is to set the limits of instantiation.

The other thing that is new for me is that configuration profiles are no longer needed (at least not for the front end).  All of the constraint nets and rule nets are assigned to the knowledge base (we’ll get to that in a future post).  Now also keep in mind…  many of these items I’m talking about will still be required for integration with manufacturing, but if you are talking purely about the front end (and this example is) then you don’t need to worry about these pieces.

more to come soon.  Thanks for reading.


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