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An old friend of mine recently emailed me about how to get the Save Temporarily feature to work in a sales order.  It had been a while since I touched that feature of VC, so I had to go back and play with it.  I remember the Save Temporarily being very “touchy”, but today I found out it was even touchier than remembered.

I’m going to keep this short, but if anyone can give me more details on exactly how this works, I’d love to hear it.  What I discovered is that I can’t seem to make the Save Temporarily work, unless the sales order already exists.  So, let me walk you through the steps I used that finally worked.

1.  Create the new sales order.  Be sure to enter everything (including the KMAT you want to populate) and then save.
2.  Go to the sales order/CU50 screen with the configuration you want to copy and open it up.
3.  Use the menu path:  Value Assignment–>Save Temporarily–>Save as
4.  Enter in a name (remember, if you have multiple levels that need to be populated, you must do a save as for each nested KMAT)
4-a.  Not sure if this is needed, but I’ve got in the habit of Value Assignment–>Save Temporarily–>Overview, just to make sure it saved it.
5.  Save the sales order. (if you are copying from a sales order/line item).  I don’t know why this seems to make a difference, but it works.
6.  Go to VA02, go to the configuration of the item you want to configure.  Use the menu:  Value Assignment–>Save Temporarily–>Overview.  Select the one you want to copy.  It should be there.

I couldn’t make this work when i used VA01, so if anyone can speak to that, let me know.  Otherwise, this approach seems to work.  Hope this helps.

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  1. I think that’s because it needs the Sales Document number, as well as the CUOBJ number, which do not exist in VA01, until after you save the document.

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