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Well, I’m still rolling on the variant configuration track.  Today is a new revelation that I recently discovered.  In some of my previous contracts I’ve had to set up some rather large interface design tabs.  Often consisting of 20 – 50 characteristics.  If you’re at all familiar with the original tool for creating/updating the interface design, you know how clunky it is.  You have to manually page through the list of characteristics, and even click the checkbox in the appropriate sequence so they show up where you want them.  It’s not challenging, but it certainly is tedious.

What I found is that the PMEVC actually has a great tool for creating and updating the interface design.  Instead of doing the hunt and click method of adding characteristics, you can just type them in.  You still have the option to select a bunch of characteristics in a method similar to the old method.

On top of everything, you can even easily change if it’s a tab or a sequence, or flag it as Sales or Engineering, just by flipping a tab.  So much easier than hunting through a cryptic menu to find the characteristic grouping.

All in all, I’m pretty excited about this.  I was thinking about writing a utility to upload the interface design from an excel sheet, but after finding this functionality, I don’t really need a need for that.  Hope you’ve already found this trick, if not, enjoy the nice interface =)


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