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Hello everyone, it’s funny, I’ve been doing a lot more Variant Configuration work lately, and it reminds me of all the fun tricks I’ve either heard about or have used in the past.  The most recent one I was reminded of was the new IS INVISIBLE syntax.  So, as a reminder:



Now, either method you still need a reference characteristic that is attached to SCREEN_DEP-INVISIBLE.

Benefits include no persistent data storage, where used checking, and syntax checking of characteristic name.  Why does this matter?  for example, the biggest issue with the old method in my mind is that you have to enter the characteristic into quotes?  this means, it’s just a text string, and if you spell it wrong, you don’t get an error, it just doesn’t work.  Using the IS INVISIBLE, it will give you a syntax error if you enter in the wrong name.  The same goes for conducting a where used of a characteristic, in the event you tried to rename it or remove it.  the IS INVISIBLE syntax will show you it’s been used there.

It’s also much cleaner.  Anyway, hope you enjoyed this tidbit.


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