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Ok…  so this is a long title, but in short, here’s the situation.  I have a global Multiple Value Characteristic and it allows additional values.  For one particular KMAT that will use this characteristic, I want to have one preset option available + the free text, and exclude everything else.  In the classification, I set only the single value to be shown, but the problem is that it is automatically selected as well, and it shouldn’t be.  Since the characteristic is to allow customers to enter in free text to denote a special, I don’t want anything populated for a value unless the customer actually enters something in there.

Now, thanks to my friends at the CWG, in particular Steve Schneider, they came up with a great trick.  He gave this simple process for the Multiple Value Characteristic, and it works great.

1) Remove the multi value char from the existing class assigned to the KMAT.

2) Create a NEW class containing only the multi value char.

3) Assign the new class as a SUPERIOR class to the existing KMAT class using transaction CL24N

4) While assigning the superior\subordinate class in CL24N, double click on the multi value char and select the single value you want available.

5) Save

6) Go into CU50 and see the results… You should see NO value specified, and when you specify the multi value char, all you should see is the single value and the free text field..

It really was that easy to restrict a global Multiple Value Characteristic, and works like a charm.  Thanks Steve.


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