Variant Configuration – using CS_BOM_EXPL_KND_V1 for VC BOM Explosion

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Here’s a fun little tidbit.  A recent client was looking for ways to get the BOM from a sales order line item before if hits the planned order/production order phase.  Particularly when you deal with large or expensive manufacturing, you planning/procurement groups might need a heads up on what components will be needed long before it hits MRP.  In that case, you can use the ABAP Function:  CS_BOM_EXPL_KND_V1  This function with a few inputs will provide you the complete BOM for the sales order configuration.  Here’s what you need to enter to make CS_BOM_EXPL_KND_V1 work:

VBELN & VBPOS…  easy one here.  the sales order & line item you want to explode.
WERKS – the plant it should be exploded in
MTNRV – this is your configurable material (KMAT)
EMENG – the quantity of the line item
DAVTUV – the explosion date you want to use (important if you use ECM on the BOM)
CUOBJ – this is the configuration to use ( you can find this in VBAP)
CAPID – this is your BOM type.  PP01 or SD01 are the most popular
MMory – set this to 0 (not sure if this is required)
MEHRS – set this to X (again, not sure what this is for)

If you set these values, BAM, you get your VC BOM before MRP does.  Hope you find this useful.


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