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Well, of course, I talk about something one day, and then find a rather large “gotcha” the next.  Not quite Murphy’s Law…  but it’s similar.  ha ha ha.  Yesterday I talked about the cool new ESTO process, and today I found out something that kind of sucks.  In order for the ESTO process to properly handle sales order costing, you must recreate your variant BOM in the originating plant.

Let me explain further.  Let’s say that Plant A takes the order, and points to plant B to create the production order, fulfill the demand and then send it over to plant A to finally go back to the customer.  This part works just fine, but sales order costing is NOT smart enough to look at the cost of the part in plant B.  It looks at plant A, and uses that cost.

As a modeler, that means that now the configurable BOM in Plant B, must be replicated in plant A (with the exception of setting the materials in the BOM to be costing relevant only).  This then allows sales order costing to explode the VC BOM in plant A, to come up with the cost that will be incurred in plant B.  While this isn’t the end of the world, it does increase your maintenance.  What I’m not sure about is if the routing must also be replicated (I’m assuming it would).

If anyone can comment on this, I’d love to hear about it.  If not…  be aware of this when you start to implement ESTO.

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  1. hey Mike

    I was looking at GUI scripting post and browsing through saw this post. Did you try setting special procurement key in costing view to manufacturing in plantb and see if that works. We have to do that for kysor to get costing to work when they have one plant on sales order, but manufacturing was done in a different plant. Just a thought


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