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Special thanks to my Padawan, Dennis Mayo, he showed this me cool trick.  However, I had to do a little more research on it first.  It turns out, you could need some OSS notes applied for this to work.  So, before I go into some possible fixes, first let me tell you the good stuff about copying sales order line items with a configuration.

If you ever need a copy of a configuration within the same order, you can simple go into VA02, and use the menu Sales Document -> Create w/Reference.  Now, in my ignorance, I didn’t realize you could do within the sales document.  I thought it was only to create a new document.  So simple change the tab to order, if your system is like mine, it will even default your order in.  Now, magically, you have a second line that is identical to the first, with it’s own changeable configuration.  This is great for quoting when a customer might just be asking for minor variations of a configuration to see the see the difference in price =)

Now for the gotcha’s…  first and foremost, if you don’t have OSS Notes 738671 & 903495 applied in your system, you will need them.  This change appears to impact quite a few different system versions, so make sure those are applied (or the support packs that contain them).  Also, refer to OSS Note 814547 for the explanation of the configuration that applies to this change.  The short story is that in the copy control for the sales order line item, the item category must be set as blank or “A”, if you want the configuration to be changeable.  In the other choices, the configuration is directly linked to the original, and can only be changed from the original.

So there you go…  Thanks Dennis.

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