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Today I learned a simple lesson, but frankly, I should’ve known a long time ago, but never ran into this scenario.  In my current assignment, we ran into an issue in testing where an item was sales relevant was showing on the sales BOM, but wasn’t exploding it’s BOM (think of it like a kit).  Naturally, my first instinct is look into the item category and item category assignment.  Everything was on the up and up there.  Finally one of my colleagues tried the Configurable Assemblies Only check box on the configuration profile, and it magically solved our issues.

All this time, I thought that check mark only controlled what BOM VC spit out.  Until today, I never realized that the check box for configurable assemblies only also controlled how the Sales order would explode out components.  Just one more reason to never assume you know how something works, or everything it impacts.  I learned a new lesson today.  Thanks to Pat.  I must admit, I feel dumb for not finding this myself, but even the best of us have things to learn.

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