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Now, since I’ve been on a roll talking about the VALUE-REQUEST and some of the fun tricks I’ve been discovering.  Today, I’m going to give you some sample code to populate multiple values with a single dropdown.  Often, when I create a screen, I’m using some combination like sales order & line item, material & plant, etc…  so I wanted to know how I could use a single dropdown to populate multiple fields.  Here you go.  This is for VBELN & POSNR.  Now, keep in mind, I used the trick from yesterday to get the sales order number (if it’s populated) so that the pull down will work smarter.

SELECT vbeln posnr
FROM vbap

” Set return fields

” Order
CLEAR ls_map.
ls_map-fldname = ‘F0001’.        ” Set that field 1
ls_map-dyfldname = ‘GV_VBELN’.
APPEND ls_map TO lt_map.
” Item
CLEAR ls_map.
ls_map-fldname = ‘F0002’.        ” Set that field 2
ls_map-dyfldname = ‘GV_POSNR’.
APPEND ls_map TO lt_map.

” Call Search Help Popup Function
retfield        = ‘POSNR’
dynpprog        = sy-repid
dynpnr          = sy-dynnr
dynprofield     = ‘VBAP-POSNR’
value_org       = ‘S’
value_tab       = lt_sh
dynpfld_mapping = lt_map
parameter_error = 1
no_values_found = 2
OTHERS          = 3.

That’s all there is to it.  You’ll still need to review my previous posts: dropdown list for characteristic values and dropdown list along with reading a dynpro value to pull it all together, but it should give you all the tricks you’ll ever need to use the VALUE-REQUEST.  I hope this makes sense on how you can use a dropdown to populate multiple fields.  Thanks for reading.

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