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It’s funny, since I got married, and especially since I had kids, I find that all of my efforts (and my money) go toward keeping everyone else happy.  A buddy of mine (Thanks Brice) convinced me a week ago that I really need to treat myself occasionally too.  Granted, I go on vacations and other fun excursions, but it’s not often that I do anything for just me.  So this past weekend I finally decided to replace my old 2003 VW Passat with a new(er) car.  I’m pretty excited.  It has this nice clean interior, I can plug my phone into and play music without using a cassette adapter 🙂  It doesn’t have any scuffs/dings from scraping the side of the garage…  you get the idea 🙂

So am I just writing this to tell you about my new car…  not entirely.  ha ha ha.  What I really wanted to say is that it can sometimes be difficult to give yourself permission to treat yourself.  I know that it’s a struggle for me.  Even now, I look at it and spend too much time thinking about how quickly I can pay it off, or how best to juggle finances to minimize my interest payments.  When I really just need to recognize that I work hard, I save a good amount of money for the future, and it’s OK to just enjoy life.  And I think that’s the real message…  Enjoy your life.  Don’t enjoy it so much that it costs you any future happiness, but if you cover the things you need to do, it’s OK to enjoy life today too.

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