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I recently got a great trip from my marketing guru, and that is to “ruthlessly unsubscribe” from every email you don’t read.  You know, this is great advise.  If you’re like me, you pay way too close attention to your inbox.  Whenever I see an email come in, I compulsively have to check and see what it is.  Now, rationally, I look at this and say I shouldn’t do it…  but I can’t seem to help myself.  This makes the advise even more valuable.  Who really cares about the latest Home Depot advertisement, or what HP laptop is coming to store.  The problem is that an email is an email.  Even if I look at it for 3 seconds, then press the delete, I still burned 3 seconds, plus the time I lost taking my attention off of important tasks.

Now, even unsubscribing takes times, but happily it’s a one time event.  The idea is to get rid of every email you don’t read anyway.  This could be the coupons from Gap, or the latest blog from someone you read 6 months ago.  If you don’t read it, don’t get it.  Save yourself the effort of deleting it.  I started doing this 3 days ago, and it’s amazing how many junk emails I get that I’ve just tuned out.  So, it’s still taking some of my time, but now it’s a one time thing, rather than deleting the emails on a daily basis.  There are still some that I’ve kept…  mostly because I’m not sure if it’s worth it.  But the idea of is, if I don’t see the email, it won’t burn my time.  I consider you take this advise.  Remember, in this hectic life, every little bit helps.

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