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Well, a couple months back, my new guru, Perry Marshall, put the idea out there to unsubscribe ruthlessly from everything you don’t read in your inbox.  I just wanted to circle back to that post, and let you know how that went.

Now, for the first few weeks, it took me just as much time to keep unsubscribing from every little thing that kept popping into my inbox.  After about 2 weeks though, I did start to notice a difference.  I won’t lie, initially, I felt a little sad.  I didn’t have emails in my inbox to tell me I was important or someone was thinking about me 🙂  By the time I was doing this for a month, I was getting maybe 1 or 2 emails to unsubscribe from a week.  My inbox went from getting 30-50 junk emails a day, down to one or two.

Now, the real change came to my realization that the email inbox is NOT my top priority.  I don’t wake up first thing in the morning and check my inbox.  Instead, I just go about my daily routine of hanging out with the family, getting breakfast ready etc.  My inbox doesn’t get looked at for at least an hour or two after I wake up.  Now, this might sound like no big deal to you.  But just a few months ago, the first thing I did when I woke up was roll over, grab my phone and start deleting/reading emails.  Now, it’s something that I often forget to look at for several hours at a time.

IT’S FANTASTIC!!!  it is so freeing to not be addicted to my inbox, constantly checking for emails.  Just this one little trick not only bought me time back in my day, it taught me that the inbox isn’t my master.  Talk about a Win-Win.  Anyway, if you haven’t tried this experiment, just do it for 2 weeks.  It could change your life, and a minimum, it will at least buy you back a 1/2 hour of your day that you normally spend deleting junk 🙂

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