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Well, if you anything like me, you often find yourself in the position of being the go-to guy/gal.  While this is initially flattering, you feel pretty good, everyone comes to you with the hard questions… you are in demand, you have job security…  all good things right???  Well, you quickly find this to become a tedious nightmare.  Why?  because everyone around you stops thinking, because they have you to do it.

I actually started venting to my wife, and she brought up some pretty valid, but annoying points.  It’s up to me to walk people through everything I do, teach them my thought process, and then write the whole thing down.  Now, if you know me at all, you know this sounds like absolute hell to me.  In my mind, this is the process, I could spend all that time training, and they probably won’t get it, so I’ll end up having to do it anyway, so….  I might as well just do it.  OR  I can do it much faster myself than training someone else, so I might as well do it.

I’m hoping you see the flaw in this logic.  Because if something ever happens again, I’m stuck doing that same tedious work.  So every time this same issues comes back, it thrown back on my plate.  Now, that doesn’t make it any easier to hand it off, and go through the training effort.  But, there is another secondary win that I often forget about.  When you teach someone else how to do it, they can often empower themselves to take the “next step” of doing something similar, using the same thought pattern.

So this post is mostly a reminder to myself of a few things.  1.  My wife is almost always right… (shhh don’t tell her), and 2.  it is worth it to train someone else so I can move onto more important tasks.  As Perry says, do that $1000/hr task, instead of the $10/hr…

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