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Well, continuing in our theme of showing you what you can do with Service Notification data, today is a great metric that most businesses care about, but maybe don’t realize all the different aspects available when it comes to measuring productivity.  Let me tell you what I mean by that.

Now of course, there is a obvious call center metric of calls taken, calls waiting, etc…  But in the service management world, you can also be looking at more of the post call analytic’s.  For example, how many of the calls are closed during the initial call.  You could be tracking this using the standard status.  The initial status of the notification is closed, it means that your call center agent was able to close the call on the phone, no additional follow up was needed.  The only thing better than this is if the customer didn’t have to call in the first place 🙂

One of the other productivity metrics you can track is the number of notifications created by each SAP user.  You can be tracking how long each notification is kept open, simply by tracking the date/time stamp of the system status within the notification.  You can even keep track of who is filling in their notifications properly.  For example, if you use the catalogs, you can keep track of who is filling in this information.  This could lead you to additional training opportunities, especially if you employ temporary employees in your call center.  Losing this information could be costing you money, but I’ll talk about some of those opportunities soon 🙂

Anyway, the point of all of this is allowing you to see who your best call center employees are, and if you use temporary employees, they could be the people you entice to stay on full time, or the other end of the spectrum can be let go to bring in better people.

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