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I’ve run into an issue with the service exchange or advanced exchange scenario within SAP for years.  The issue, and it’s likely you recognize it, is that in a standard repair procedure, if you receive in the customers equipment, you can run program SDREPA01 and it will automatically generate the service order line for you.  If you try the same thing in advanced exchange, it does nothing.  I even tried submitting an OSS message, and SAP pretty much told me it works as designed.

Well, that answer never sat well with me.  Especially since I consistently run into new clients that have this scenario.  Currently the answer is that you have to manually go into the repair sales order and add a line on the repairs screen.  UGH!  So, I finally carved out some time, and did a whole bunch of research on the process that SAP uses to create that service order.  WOW.  I understand after days of debugging why they said it works as designed.  The code is integrated and all over the place, that making a simple change to it could break a whole lot of stuff in SD or SM.  So I finally built my own version of SDREPA01 that can handle both standard repairs and advanced exchange.

if this sounds like something you’d be interested, let me know.

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