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Now, I’m pretty excited about this.  This is the execution of my latest brainchild.  Now, this idea really should’ve been obvious to me quite a while ago, but it’s amazing how difficult it can be to see the forest through the trees.  As you may know, we’ve had a product called Proximity, and one of the pieces was production execution.  What I finally realized is that I could take the same concept and apply the idea to the service management realm.  Now the elegance of this solution is the simplicity I can provide to the service/repair shop.

By creating a single transaction that allows any service technician to quickly see the service orders that apply to them.  They can see every operation they need to work on, quickly see the priority, and even any notes that have been entered onto the order.  Then, they can even drill into a specific service operation, they can run availability, they can do a confirmation, if the shop uses PRT’s you can even view those all right in the same screen.

If this sounds like something your service department could use,  please check out our web page that includes a demo on the functionality for Service Execution.

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