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Well, like so many things, time has a way of getting away from.  I swear, I was just thinking that I have like 5 months before the conference, and now it’s like 3 weeks away.  While my day job still consumes a good chunk of my time, I’m working to find time to finish all my last minute preps for the conference.  To complicate things further, I’ll need to travel the 2 weeks before the conference.  So, this past week was a mad scramble to take care of all the last minute details.

Some of the things I never gave thought to include shipping anything I don’t want to ship on the plane, taking care of last minute reservations for my team, getting shirts for the team, and packing up all the little things like business cards and odds and ends, and all the other little details I never gave any thoughts to.

Let me tell you, there are so many things I didn’t factor in when it comes to conferences.  It’s interesting, and a bit scary.  If you have never exhibited at a conference, try to talk to someone who’s been there…  if you are thinking about it, feel free to ping me.  I’ll give you any pointers I can.

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