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Well, I recently ran into something I hadn’t discovered before.  I was trying to add a support pack to one of my SAP Add On applications.  Normally, this is a pretty quick process.  But when it ran for several hours with no progress, I began to get suspicious.  Well, eventually, I stumbled upon the good old transaction SM50, which shows all the running processes.

It turns out, all the background processes got bogged down, and weren’t finishing, so my job was also stuck in limbo.


Now, the important thing to notice is the processes of type BGD.  These are a finite number of processes, and when they are all in use, the other background jobs have to sit around and wait till one is available.  You can manually kill job the going up to the menu and selecting cancel (with or without core).  This will “usually” kill off the job shortly.  Anyway, wanted to share this with you….

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