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Sapphire had some good information this year.  In type fashion for a big conference, you notice some buzz words drilled into every presentation.  Among those were Machine Learning, Leonardo and S/4 Cloud.  The good news is that if you dig through the hype, you could get some good bits of information.  One of those pieces I got in a presentation that talked about the challenges and wins of building mobile apps in UI5/Fiori (whatever you like to call it).

I can’t lie, I felt a good hearing that other larger organization had many of the same challenges I encountered trying to build a hybrid app.  Keep in mind, when I say hybrid, it simply means that it works within the web browser and more importantly on any mobile device (Apple, andriod, etc.).  SAP provided a Hybrid Application Toolkit(HAT) that was an incredible challenge to get installed and use.  I struggled with version mismatches for days.  This presentation talked about the exact same challenge, and happily SAP is listening.  The newer versions of the Web IDE will include the full installation of the HAT in the cloud, eliminating the hassle of installing it yourself.  In addition, they are promising faster compile times.

This still won’t solve for doing anything more complex, like I usually try to do 🙂  but it will get you much closer to a usable system.  I’m not sure what version of the Web IDE will include these changes.  I’m hoping it will be included for any SAP version that can handle the HCP connection.  Certainly, I’ll be trying again soon, just to see 🙂

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