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Well, after applying many OSS notes to get to the program SYCM_DOWNLOAD_REPOSITORY_INFO applied.  Then I loaded up the index to run the program.  This took almost 2 weeks in my small system to create this index and burned up over 50GB of space to build it.  All of this, only to find that this program downloads a list of all the objects.  No list of bad code…  UGH.

The good news is that I found when looking closer at the presentation, is that there is a transaction called SCI or SAP Code Inspector.  This was really what I was looking for.  I learned another tidbit as well.  My really only system couldn’t run the code inspector.  So I ran the transaction in the my EHP7 system, which had a higher basis level.

When running SCI to see if your code is HANA compatible, you need to run the variant FUNCTIONAL_DB or FUNCTIONAL_DB_ADDITION.

This is the SCI transaction.  You have to create an Object Set:

Here, the easiest thing to do is to enter the Package.  For me, I entered in the custom packages I created, since those are the pieces I cared most about. Then save.


create the Inspection.  Enter in the check variant, and the Object Set you created in the previous step.  Then save and execute.  Now you are ready to see what code needs to be corrected.  We will talk more about the results in a later post.

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