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When I got together with a friend of mine, we started chatting about a lot of the latest and greatest technologies that SAP has been hyping.  Well, this all got me to thinking about when do you follow the latest and greatest  technology when you’re running a business?  Now the dilemma comes from trying to predict exactly which technology is worth following.  When technology changes so quickly, how can you possibly predict what bandwagon to jump on?

Now the challenge that I face is that I’m a small business, so obviously I don’t have the resources to follow every new path.  But, if I don’t chase some of the new buzzwords, I’ll end up so far behind the times that it’ll quickly leave my development in the dust.  So, what’s the solutions???

Well, I’m going to try a plan, and keep in mind, I’ve been perpetually behind the technology.  However, with my target market, I don’t believe it’s killed me.  At the same time, perhaps having more current buzzwords might make me more desirable as a product.  So, it seems that the only option is for me to at least investigate some of these new technologies.  In my world, it’s the cloud, Fiori and HANA.  For you, only you can tell.  But it seems that I have no choice but to build yet another system that I can install these new technologies.  Even if I just make a simple application for the one of these, it gives me the opening that I’ll need to determine if it’s a business maker, or just another buzzword.  Being in the technology business isn’t easy.  I’m learning that it truly is a bit of a gambler’s game.  Knowing when to jump into the market…  or perhaps being a leader by getting in early is tough.  As I attempt to learn about these new technologies, I’m sure I’ll have new things to blog about, so at a minimum, I’l have that going for me 🙂

I’d love to hear your opinion’s on keeping current with technology.  How do you handle it?

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