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Well, you have probably noticed how excited I’ve been lately about my products.  And what this has really reinforced, is that packaging is king.  I’m not talking about bubble wrap or boxes, I’m talking about how you put your ideas together.  I’ve had individual transactions I built, they are very useful, and absolutely would never be purchased.  Why?  well, it’s a single transaction.  If it’s important enough, most companies can find enough resources to build it themselves.  Now this approach isn’t always the best, you could probably buy it cheaper than build it, but depending on your budget, sometimes it’s easier to waste resources then justify an expense.  Let’s not go down the budget rabbit hole…  let’s just focus on when do you start to thinking about buying something.

Now, let’s see what happens when you bundle several things together and put it into a fancy package.  It provides the functionality of that one transaction, plus it puts it in a fancy wrapper, and includes some other nice to have features.  Well, suddenly this becomes easier to justify because it’s bigger, it has the “cool” factor, and would take a LOT of effort to spec out and build in-house.  Suddenly, it’s easier to justify that expense.  You can suddenly get some things you didn’t even know you needed, but wow, it WOULD make life easier.  I don’t pretend to understand the psychological explanation behind this, but now that I recognize it, I can totally see it every where.

So, the real key comes down to how to package your product.  I don’t care if it’s software, an e-book, or a cool “as seen on TV” gadget.  The key is how you package it, how you bundle it, and just how functional you can make it.  Buying a hammer, isn’t exciting.  But buying this cool new hammer, nail gun, and drill together that come in a handy easy to store case…  now that’s marketable.  So if you start to get into this mindset, remember to figure out how you can package your idea.  It took me a lot of years to come to this conclusion.  Learn from my revelations 🙂

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