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Well, I discovered a whole new challenge recently.  We changed cable providers, and upgraded our internet.  It all seemed so easy.  A couple of minor tweaks, and everything would just keep working, right???  not so much.  Here’s what I discovered you need to remember when changing internet providers and still keep your SAP system exposed to the outside world…

Even if you don’t change providers, they might change the box for your signal.  In my head, that meant nothing.  When I went to connect to my SAP systems, it meant everything.  Here’s what I found.

1.  Changing providers or even changing modems can change your IP address.  So, if you’re changing things,  make sure you check this right away.  My previous post on this stuff talks about some of the steps. is your quick check.

2.  Now, a changed IP address unfortunately means that if you are using subdomains (like I am), you need to go to your host provider and change the IP address they are pointing to.  I hate this part because it can take up to 24 for the changes to circulate through the internet.

3.  Next up, I lost all of my expections.  So I needed to go into my router configuration and create/add the firewall expections (80XX & 32XX) for the web and for the gui connections.

4.  While you are in there, double check that the static IP addresses are still connected to your machines.  If you lost those too, re-add them.

Now, if you’re lucky, everything will be back to normal in a day.  For me, it took 2, because I didn’t catch that the IP address changed until a day later.  Short story, be sure to test right away from outside of your network to make sure everything is still working.  Good luck, and try not to change your internet provider if you can avoid.  ha ha ha

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