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Well, based on some feedback, and just a general knowledge, I’ve learned I need some help.  So I’m sending out a distress signal for a marketing professional, or a recommendation from any of you.  Here’s some of the stuff I’m looking for…

1. Website Re-design.  We want to give it more of a professional look and feel.2. Website Content.  This is the most important one to me.  I want to take our content, which I think has plenty of substance, and mold it into landing pages that will convert to leads, sales pages that will convert to demo’s, etc.  In short, I need the sort of person that can turn our website into a lead generation website.  Right now, well, I don’t know what it is, aside for a good amateur attempt.
3. Direct Mail.  I’m looking at moving into the direct mail, for a change of pace in marketing.  But that means I need solid design, graphics, content, etc. to make a compelling postcard to send to someone to convince them to opt-in to our site, and request a demo.
4.  Logo design.  This one is more optional, but it would be nice to have a logo for each of our products, even if it’s a simple logo.
5.  Last but not least, help to integrate our marketing.  We want to make the direct mail, website, autoresponders, newsletters, etc. all have the same look and feel, so they can work in conjunction with each other.

I’ve been learning bits and pieces from the Remarkable Marketing Blueprint, and now I’ve stumbled upon Perry Marshall’s Basic Marketing Course (that I just started, so I have a long way to go).  Short story, I at least have some ideas of what I need, but I know I don’t have the expertise to pull it off on my own.

So I’m asking my audience, any of you out there that can help me with some or all of this or recommend someone that can, please get in touch with me.
Thanks in advance,

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