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Well, I confess, this is all new to me, so I’m again in learning mode.  I’m just about to try my first experiment.  So I went over to Surveymonkey and created a free survey, and sent it off to a list I had in mailchimp (apparently, I have a thing for monkeys).  Now, the idea behind this isn’t to know every detail about my users, but to help me get that rough pass of who I should even be talking to.  Now, I have a decent list of people that I email from time to time, but I know very little about them, including if they might just be marketers.

The idea behind the survey is that if I can at least gage who is willing to answer the answer the survey, I can at least judge for those people if I should even leave them on the list, or if they sign up by accident.  In my mind, the best thing I can do is to cut out all the “prospects” that don’t even use SM or PP.  Why even bother sending them emails?

Now, if you’re curious, this is the survey.  As you can see, it’s pretty elementary, but it gives me that machete pass to see if I’m even talking to the right people.  If someone answers the survey and say we don’t use SM or PP or VC, well, I probably don’t have much to offer them.  On the other hand, if someone responds to me, and gives me a big laundry list of things they hate about SAP, I know they are passionate…  so, let’s see if anyone answers.  If you’re bored, take my survey 🙂  I can at least feel better if I get one answer 🙂

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