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Lately, I’ve had to put more time and effort in my marketing.  One of the things I learned is to improve the SEO (Search Engine Optimization) of my blog posts.  One of the major things I missed when I wrote most of my blog posts is the use of the little SEO traffic light provided by Word Press.  While it may not be the best, it at least gives me an idea of when my post has a chance for a search engine like Google to find my posts.

The idea is that if my posts could actually be located in a Google search (or Bing, or etc…) means more people might start finding my posts (exactly like you did).  Since I’m still on the hunt for second customers, the more people that see my blog the better.  If you aren’t familiar with the concept of the second customer, it’s the consultants, friends, or former clients that know and trust me enough to recommend me to others that might be able to use my software creations.

Well, to get back on track, I completely skipped entering the metadata tags for each of my posts.  Thus it made it that much harder for people to find my blog posts.  So my latest mission has been to go back to all of my posts and enter in the metadata.  In addition, I’ve been cleaning up titles and adding some keywords to try to get all of my “best” posts into the green.  So, take my advise.  If you start blogging, start early and get as many posts into the green for SEO as possible.  It’ll help you in the long run.

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