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Well, as I’m sure you’re aware, a lot of my effort is being spent on my new business.  One of the big pieces that I’ve had to spend a lot of time learning is the marketing aspect.  While to some of you, this might seem easy…  well, I have that engineering mentality.  For those you that ever read Dilbert, you know that engineers & sales or marketing have very different mindsets.  Almost opposite 🙂  so it’s been a challenge for me to overcome that and try to play both roles.

One of the challenges I’ve always faced is that my area is very niche, and thus it’s been difficult to find any competitors or similar products to my own.  You might be scratching your head right now thinking “that’s not a problem!!!  No competition means 100% of the market”.  Well, that’s what I originally thought.  What I quickly discovered is that there are 2 far more likely possibilities.

1.  There is no market, and that’s why no one else is doing this.
2.  No one knows that anyone offers what I offer, so no one is looking.

It’s like anything, if you don’t know there’s a product out there, you might not even consider looking for it.  I’m gambling my resources on #2.  I truly believe there is a market for what I’m designing, so that means I need to try to get the word out there that the service management tools can be purchased and out of the box solutions exist.  It’s part of the reason I write to you guys most every day.  It’s my form of advertising.  I’m hoping that providing you valuable information, you in turn will remember that I sell stuff, and if you run into a client that might need it, you’ll think of me and point them my way =)

As always, thanks for reading and don't forget to check out our SAP Service Management Products at my other company JaveLLin Solutions,

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