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For my loyal readers out there, you might remember I did post about using Linked-In.  I even contracted a company called SBS, to help increase my presence out on Linked-In.  In general, the experiment has had mixed results.  I got connected to a lot of people…  but not necessarily the right people.  So now I begin the refinement process.  I used SBS again, this time to tag all of my contacts, given my criteria.  What resulted is a manageable list of people that I can work to build relationships with.

Now for the fun part.  How do you go about building that relationship?  Well, I’ve been using my Blog for a couple years now, pumping out tons of SAP and business information that I’ve learned over the years.  I think it’s start…  The next thing I’ve been doing is reaching out to all of my peers.  No good product designer can work in a vacuum.  So I’ve been finding all of the PP and SM people I can to have them look at what I’ve done and suggest how I can improve it.  In a perfect world, they look at it and say “That’s exactly what we need, how can I buy it?”.  I haven’t heard that yet, but I’m still hoping.  🙂

The piece I’m currently working on (and really should have done this long ago) is to connect with all of the contacts I got from the trade shows we’ve attended.  I’ve done targeted users, but now I’m attempting to use Linked-In as my platform to give more information to those connections.  This is another opportunity for me to build credibility.  If people see my blog day after day, they will start to realize I know what I’m talking about, and can provide solutions to help them…  at least that’s the plan.

If anyone out there knows linked-in, I’d love to hear how you use it for business and marketing.  So far, it’s a great way to find headhunters.  I”m hoping the same can be said for customers 🙂

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