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As it was just the 4th of July, I can’t help thinking about the complete deception we give ourselves.  Please indulge me my occasional world outlook.  🙂  When you looked back at the fight for independence our forefathers fought to provide us.  The idea was to make us free from England.  The funny thing is that there will always be a master.  When we declared ourselves free from set of masters, it simply creates a void that will quickly be filled by the next willing master.  In our case, it was our own government, that our forefathers work so hard to keep simple, unobtrusive, and supposedly designed to protect our liberties.

The sad truth of it all, is that it seems most people long for that control.  While we claim to be the land of the free, we are quickly giving away all of our liberty in exchange for “security”.  or so we tell ourselves.   Good old Ben Franklin said it best “Those Who Sacrifice Liberty For Security Deserve Neither.”  Well, between the random wars, police actions, and conflicts we force our way into, all in the name of security, it should be painfully obvious that  security dwindles as quickly as liberty.

So please, remember that the struggle for liberty is not a republican thing, it’s not a thing…  it’s a personal thing.  So I hope you still want you liberty.  If so…  just pay attention to how easily it keeps being handed over willingly.  Just watch the news with a different perspective.  Put your political beliefs aside for a week.  If you truly look at everything in an unbiased fashion, it will incredibly obvious (and should be painful).  Step one is the realization.

Going back to one of my favorite movies, Red Pill or Blue Pill.

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