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Well, like always, my life is full of fun little twists and turns.  We have our upcoming MFG conference in Vegas coming up.  Some of the cool things we are looking to do include a Proximity Web Dynpro Application and a mobile app.  Well, the problem is that we needed a new server to run a couple more systems.  Namely, systems new enough to handle web dynpro on any browser and mobility.  So, as CTO, I needed to get myself a new server.

Well, it’s a nice one, 32GB of memory, 3TB HDD, etc.  Well, I waited for a while and it finally showed up.  I was like a kid at Christmas.  I quickly ran up to my office and started to get it up and running.  Well, things were rolling along, I got dropbox installed, norton, virtual box and the like.  Then spent 3 hours copying 500GB of data to start my new system.  I even created a new clone system and start to get that started.   So after a full day of working, I was feeling pretty good about myself.  I got up the next morning, and suddenly the system wouldn’t fire up.  I tried playing with BIO’s, rebooting, unplugging all the usb drives etc…  still no love.  I come to find that Windows 7 professional has issues with drives bigger than 2TB.  I was a bit perturbed…  especially since the company I bought this from specializing in upgrading systems.

So, after a full day of work, the only choice I had to use the emergency disks and install Windows 8.  Well, learned my lessons…  first, be careful letting your hardware exceed your software, second, don’t believe that a company knows everything.

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