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You know, I almost forgot to even do a post.  I started thinking, well, it’s a holiday, I skip this one.  But then it hit me just how important today is.  While I look at the country, and see our freedoms eroding away, I also look back at all the brave soldiers that fought to give us the right to keep those freedoms.  It’s more important than ever to remember that freedom isn’t free.  And countless Americans have died fighting to keep our freedom alive.

So, while you’re enjoying a cold one, eating something off the grill, please take a minute to honor all of those brave soldiers who fought for our rights, and those of others.  And ask yourself, what can I be doing to honor their memory?  How can I be working to to maintain those rights?  How can I make sure they didn’t die in vain?

This is a song a heard a year or so back, and it really struck a chord with me (pun intended).  If you get a chance, take a listen today.


It’s called What Have you Done.  If you listen the lyrics, I’m sure you’ll see why it’s a great song for today.

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