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Since I’m hoping to be relaxing a bit (as much as you can with 2 kids under the age of 4) tomorrow, I wanted to wish everyone a great July 4th.  Today try to remember exactly what our founding fathers fought so hard to provide for us.  I know, there are BBQ’s, picnics, parades, etc…  But just think back about where we might be today if those people hadn’t fought a revolution.  We could have King Obama or King Bush right now…  well, maybe sometimes it feels like that’s how things turned out anyway, but I digress.

In my opinion, what they really wanted was liberty.  They wanted the ability to do what they wanted, when they wanted to and not pay a whole bunch of money for “protection” or to fund the machine across the ocean.  And as long as that didn’t hurt anyone else, it seemed fair, after all, they were the ones risking their lives on the frontier.  So all those those traitors to the crown, terrorists, or whatever they were called back in the day, gave up everything to help start the most free nation in the world.

Unfortunately, if you look at our government today, it looks a lot like that same government we freed ourselves from a couple centuries ago.  Maybe it’s even worse, because technology increases the reach and power.  Anyway, take a minute and be thankful for our freedom we still have, be thankful for those founders that fought to give us this nation, and remember to NOT take that for granted, and don’t give away anymore of your freedoms.  Be like the founding fathers, and do whatever you can to take back your liberty.

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